We could learn from the French

WHY is Terminus Road a mess? Duhhh! Not because of Sovereign Harbour or the Internet or Beijing for that matter.

Because one fine day the councillors decided to do the Arndale deal and stick a lot of viable businesses in a mall.

You stick the shops in a tucked away mall and then wonder where the High Street went to......

Just for an example, people, have a look at the images of Aix-en-Provence on Google, about the same size as Eastbourne and truly beautiful with great tourist revenue because of that, and a breathtaking blend of old and up-to-the-minute fine building.

And for those chauvinists who think Something French has no relevance to Anything English just remember who landed here in 1066 and all the English who went to run the Aquitaine.

And if you are still a chauvinist why let the French do it better than you?

Something well done is a love letter to the world!


Harbour Quay.