We also feel lack of urgency

IN RESPONSE to your article in the Eastbourne Gazette (July 4):

The Islamic community may well be abiding by the rules of the council and becoming restless with the way the council are treating them.

They should take into consideration that many of the Ashford Square residents are becoming frustrated also.

Some of the worshippers at the mosque are regularly parking illegally on the double yellow lines in the square showing a blatant disregard for both law and residents.

The mosque is also guilty of tactics, as a registered charity with a committee I have requested several times either myself or another resident be a voting member of the aforementioned committee, the response was to initiate a sub-committee to deal with resident concerns and viable views.

This is not really the same and pretty pointless really as this new building and the increased footfall, noise and vehicles will have a huge impact in this friendly residential area.

If Mr Durgahee wishes to talk about a lack of urgency in meeting needs, this is exactly how I feel residents concerns are treated by the mosque committee.

If the new building is to be allowed to open no later than midnight, how exactly do they intend to worship during religious periods such as Ramadan where praying continues until sunrise?

I have written confirmation from planning that as this is a residential area opening past midnight will not be permitted.

My last thought is that if the mosque worshippers feel they are being pushed into the gutter they should maybe have a little more consideration by not blocking the public footpaths and telling people to walk in the road!

I thank the minority of the worshippers that do make an effort to create a sense of community with the residents.


Ashford Square