We all have the power to take responsibility

A FEW weeks back I read a news report that showed how Britain comes very low down the scale when the levels of democracy are measured in each of the democratic nations.

A few factors are looked at to try and determine how democratic a nation is and one factor is the involvement of the general population in political pressure groups and campaign groups.

It takes into account how many people are members of a political party and of course how many registered voters turn out on polling days. On these factors we compare very badly with many other democratic nations.

I hear people complain about the economy, health service, welfare system, high unemployment, poor opportunities for our children, banking system, media system, how often their bins get emptied and the roads cleaned and it will really be a lifelong task to finish the list of complaints we all have with what goes on in Westminster.

I could write an equally long list of reasons people give me for not getting involved in any way to change these issues. We might all dislike politicians but our lives will always be hugely determined by what they do.

I cant see much improving until people start taking some action however small and get involved, telling complaints to the people who need to hear them.

Speak and say what you would like to happen and really insist on us all being listened to and let the politicians know that it is the people they work for. They are simply are representatives but if the population cant be bothered to even vote every five years, politicians will do as they please feeling that the public don’t actually care what happens anyway.

In my mind I feel we all have a responsibility to be as big a part of the decision making process that we can manage.

If we all take that responsibility I believe we will all gain some power to determine how this country is run and I very much feel that when that happens everyone will benefit.


Midhurst Road,

Hampden Park