Water feature eyesore and health hazard

THE article in the Herald highlights the problem which many of the residents at Columbus Point are faced with regarding a water feature which is fast becoming an eyesore and health hazard.

The cost of operating and maintaining the water feature for the past 14 months amounted to close on one quarter of a million pounds and yet it is now already in a very sorry dilapidated state.

We are asked by the government to conserve water and energy and yet the cost of water used for the water feature for 14 months was £61,314.06 and £5,061.77 for electricity.

I hope the council, the developers and the residents will work together quickly and sensibly to find a solution to the water feature, which, in my opinion, has been a costly fiasco and, like the Diana Memorial Fountain in London, was ill-conceived and ill-executed.


Dominica Court