Was there no repairs and renewal fund in place?

WEEK after week letters appear in the Herald criticising the state of the municipal properties in Eastbourne. Alas, nothing ever happens.

No-one in authority comes forward to explain why they have been allowed to decay or to tell us what is to happen to them in the near future.

Presumably the council know why it is necessary to spend £1,000 a week to ‘scaffold’ the Congress Theatre, year after year.

Is it a case that the Council has not the money to pay for restoration? Did they have a repairs and renewals fund, which would have spread the cost over the years? If not, why not?

The council is fond of claiming that it has not increased the Council Tax, but surely an increase is necessary if Eastbourne’s attractions are to be maintained.

Perhaps a council spokesperson could answer these questions in your pages and let us know what are the difficulties and what plans there are to overcome them.


St Anne’s Road