Was it too much to expect a reply?

In late June I alerted East Sussex County Council to a problem with aggressive tree roots which render it difficult to enter or leave my drive by car without risk of damage.

I was told by letter on July 4 that the problem had been passed on to the Highway Steward for the area. Since then, nothing has happened.

So on 5 September I alerted one of my local councillors (of both the town and the county), one Barry Taylor, and asked him to intervene on my behalf. No response and no action.

Later in September I received a leaflet through my door from Stephen Lloyd MP which said, inter alia, ‘Any issue, big or small, I am here to help’. So I sent him an email outlining the problem and asking him to help. Again, no acknowledgement and no action.

I am tempted to ask: what is the point of these elected representatives? Maybe nothing can be done in the short term.

But is it too much to expect courtesy, an acknowledgement and perhaps a word to the effect that the issue had been addressed. Apparently NO.


Staveley Road.