Wanted: Gallery for local artists to display their work

WHY can’t Eastbourne provide a gallery or a large room for local artists and art groups to hire by the week for exhibitions?

Seaford Council has the Crypt Gallery (above). Lewes Council has the Hop Gallery. Hailsham has Gallery North.

These towns welcome their local artists and there are waiting lists to show there.

They can be hired by the week, not just for a day or a weekend, and the work is hung and stewarded by the artists themselves. They are hugely popular.

An open house is not the same as seeing your work or your group’s work hung properly in purpose made rooms.

The group I am part of, Eastbourne Life Group, has to go to Seaford to show and we have had well-attended successful exhibitions for three years.

But we’d love to show in Eastbourne, our home town, as I am sure would many others.

Someone, somewhere, must have premises and be willing to give it a go even if Eastbourne Borough Council will not.

Pat Cumming

Eastbourne Life Group.