Waitrose tokens keeping CAB alive

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IT IS with great delight and grateful thanks to Waitrose that the Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has been chosen to be one of the recipients of their ‘green token’ donations.

The CAB is totally dependent on donations and like many charities relies on the generosity of individuals and local organisations to keep it going from one year to the next.

Constraints in funding mean that there is a shortfall in the income the Bureau expects to receive in 2011/12 and a real risk there will be no choice but to reduce the service.

With your help there is a real possibility to avoid this and make sure people in Eastbourne continue to have access to the invaluable support and advice CAB can provide.

Many people think the CAB is part of the government or local authority and don’t realise it is a charity staffed mostly by volunteers and how to keep enough money coming in to maintain the service is a crucial question about which everyone involved with the CAB is concerned.

Last year the CAB helped 3,563 clients with 10,253 enquiries ranging from advice about debt, housing, employment rights, access to services and much more.

We all know that in the current fnancial climate, many more are facing these kind of issues and the support of the CAB is even more important than ever.

Our volunteers are thoroughly trained and committed to the work they do in ensuring the people of Eastbourne have as much support and guidance as possible to manage their affairs –particularly in these challenging times.

So next time you are shopping in Waitrose and collect your green token, please think of this vital local charity that needs your support.

Thank you.

Hilary Morgan-Jones


Citizens Advice Bureaue