Vulnerable need our protection

I WONDER how many readers are aware of the huge cuts in the East Sussex Community Care budget which are to be debated by the souncil on March 8? Very briefly, Social Services at present support people with both critical and substantial needs.

The proposals are to withdraw support from those with substantial needs - including significant health problems, serious risk to physical safety, only partial control over the immediate environment and inability to carry out the majority of personal care amongst other handicaps.

What on earth is East Sussex society coming to?

Having undertaken a programme of closing residential homes in favour of care in the community, it is now proposed to withdraw funding completely from these vulnerable people who have made their contribution to society and are frail and unable to stand up for themselves.

They are not responsible for the debts, which we are told have caused the need for these cuts, they are just soft targets.

We know this is a local matter, but central government is behind this, and Mr Lloyd’s constituents deserve a response.

Would he therefore please, through your columns, publish his views on this attack on these most vulnerable members of society?

Philip Tice

Westfield Road, Eastbourne