Vulcan flight a great treat

THANKS to the local councillors who decided something should replace the loss of the Red Arrows at Airbourne this year. They could not have found a better alternative.

I am a member of the Vulcan to the Sky Club and thought it my only chance to see it in flight so must make the effort to go.

I could not have made it on my own on the day as my legs would not stand up to the strain of standing so long.

However my dedicated carer and family borrowed a wheelchair and transported me to a vantage point on the seafront to see the Vulcan and more of the show as well.

How lucky am I to know such good people.

If anyone wants to see some stunning pictures of the Vulcan coming round Beachy Head than go online and visit and click on Eastbourne photos on the right hand side of the screen.

You could also make a donation if you wished.

XH558 must be kept in the air where she belongs.


Woodgate Road