Voting system is unfair

Several millions of people are entitled to proclaim: ‘We wuz robbed’ following the general election, most of all the UKIP voters.

Leave aside the evidence of the SNP result, hardly a reflection of the interests of the United Kingdom.

Instead make the comparison with the bloodied Liberal Democrats.

They came away with eight parliamentary seats on a total of 2.4 million votes.

The equivalent vote share for UKIP was 3.9 million.

It does not require a degree mathematician to calculate that on the same basis the party should have taken 11 seats, instead of one.

We need not deploy emotive words such as ‘unfair’. It is enough to claim that an imperative in the new parliament is to establish a voting system which executes an accurate representation of the people’s wishes.

Democracy, I think they would call it.


Collington Close