Voting for a fairer system

EASTBOURNE is one of many parliamentary constituencies in which voters stand to obtain a fairer result through the alternative Alternative Vote system.

Until 2010, left-of-centre voters regularly saw their votes split between Labour and Liberal Democrat, allowing a Conservative to win with only four votes out of 10:

2005 43.5% Conservative, 52.0% LibDem (41.1%) + Labour (10.9%)

2001 44.1% Conservative, 52.6% LibDem (39.3%) + Labour (13.3%)

1997 42.1% Conservative, 51.8% LibDem (38.3%) + Labour (13.5%)

Under the Alternative Vote system many Labour voters would be able to state a second preference for a left-of-centre LibDem candidate.

Unlike the present system, this would produce a fairer result that reflects the political preference of the majority of Eastbourne voters.

Martin Jones

Kinfauns Avenue.