Vivid memories of those air raids

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THE article concerning local air raids in WW2 brought vivid memories.

One morning in 1943, mother sent me to a local fishmonger in Seaside/Roselands.

The ‘Cuckoo’ siren went off when in the shop, and the owner “Punch ..” sent me to an air raid shelter nearby.

Almost immediately two Focke Wulf 190s roared overhead and I plainly saw two bombs heading towards the destructor works chimney, while peering out of the entrance.

The archery area was a popular target as the gas works, Eastbourne Electricity and the bus garages were all nearby.

Having done their work the fighter bombers returned to base.

A few weeks afterwards, there were further raids, and with my mother and two brothers huddled in our Morrison steel shelter, bombs landed a few doors away in Willoughby Crescent demolishing several houses and killing several members of the same family.

Tricky days for everyone in 1943.


Selmeston Road