Visitors make it hard to park in Eastbourne

I am writing to complain about the ridiculous proposed parking restrictions for the Rangemore Drive area.

During the day many workers and visitors to the hospital park in and around the Rangemore Drive area, filling all spaces and making it impossible for locals to park.

The request of some residents for sensible parking restrictions has led to the County Council deciding instead to impose draconian parking restrictions; double yellow lines are to be painted throughout the area preventing householders from parking 24 hours a day even though the parking problem exists only during working hours.

Even when roads are empty at night and weekends it will be impossible for residents to park.

I emailed the County Council again to request single yellow lines but the County Council response was that the consultation had concluded and that I should withdraw my request.

It is clearly quite evident the council has already decided what restrictions are to be imposed regardless of what local residents think.


Rangemore Drive.