Village already has memorial garden

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Regarding plans for

a new memorial garden

ST PETER and St. Paul, Hellingly, a Grade 1 Listed church, is the only church remaining in Sussex which is built on a ‘Ciric’ - a circular Saxon burial mound.

If this ancient burial ground is to be disturbed for the construction of a memorial garden within a closed churchyard surely there must be many permissions sought before any development can take place.

Review of Church Orders for rules of development in a closed churchyard, planning permission, Listed Building Consent, English Heritage, archaeologists, preservation of bones in graves, protection of Natural England, Wild Flowers and Countryside Act 1981, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - to name but a few.

A memorial garden in a quiet corner of Hellingly Cemetery, at a distance from the church, was created by the Parish Council in 2009 for the residents of Hellingly and Upper Horsebridge who wish to have created remains buried or scattered.

So why must this ancient burial ground be disturbed to create another memorial garden with all its associated construction and on going maintenance costs?

Clare Hastings

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