Victorians had the right idea with their rubbish

One solution does not fit all.Why would anyone want their refuse right by their front door? Most of the time there is a back alley to put it.

When you live in a pretty terraced house with a little garden why would you want a barge bin sitting there to take the little garden waste you have, when there are these useful fold up green bags instead?

And how much recycling do you have for a large bin to sit there when you are a small household and a box would be fine – just putting the glass into a separate bag?

These bins may be fine for detached and semi detached properties where they can easily be wheeled to the front of the property for collection.

When it comes to pretty terraced Victorian streets, where there is little or no front garden, they sit outside on the pavement or by front doors all the time and are an eyesore and a nuisance. They are in the way of pushchairs and wheelchairs.This has not been thought through.

Incidentally, the Victorians built useful back alleys at the back of terraced houses as somewhere to put refuse. Did they know more about hygiene – Health and Safety?


Vicarage Road.