Vets may move if parking issues are not sorted

I WOULD like to respond to your article in the Herald (December 3) and be able to reassure our clients and potential clients that the St Anne’s Vets are not about to leave the surgery at 6 St Anne’s Road.

Our clients have found parking in St Anne’s Road very difficult following the introduction of parking restrictions in the centre of Eastbourne.

As we are just outside the restricted area our roads are now occupied by long stay daytime parking.

If these parking controls are not changed we may, in the future, need to move to a local “parking friendly” site.

We have invested heavily in the St Anne’s Road surgery so moving would only be a last resort. Obtaining planning permission for 6 St Anne’s Road allows us to better plan a move should this become necessary.

It is good to learn from your article that Councillor Liddiard considers us to be a “vital asset to the community” and he has said that he will help in the parking problem in the area.


St Anne’s Veterinary Group.