Verbal abuse really hurtful

LAST Thursday at 11.15am on the promenade, next to the Redoubt, I was verbally abused by a women while walking with my husband and our dog.

I noticed a dog on the beach without its owner who was so far ahead of the pet she wouldn’t have known if her dog and done anything. The dog was small, black and looked like a collie.

When I mentioned to this lady that her dog should be on a lead from the first of May to September, she turned round and said there is no such law.

I said there are enough notices on the promenade saying when dogs are to be kept on leads.

With this she turned around and said, “Look at the size of you, you should get out more and do more walking and maybe you wouldn’t be so fat.”

I then said, “Typical you know you in the wrong so you have to come out with something rude.”

Then she said, “Just mind your own business.”

By this time my husband had caught me up with our dog on a lead and said to the women who do you think you are talking to. She soon put on a step on and was no- where to be seen.

She left the promenade in between the fitness centre and bowling green where there was a large notice about when dogs have to be kept on leads.

Again someone is judging a person by their appearance. I have been under Respiratory/ENT/Cardiology at the DGH for the past two years, in which time I have been admitted twice for a period of 13 days each time.

In 2011 I was on steroids for 15 weeks and it’s no wonder I have put on the weight. I lost my job as well because I’ve been so ill for such a long time.

I hope people reading this will remember not to be so judgemental when they see people who they think are overweight.

There have been times when I’ve cried myself to sleep as two years down the line I’m still waiting to find out why I get so breathless, and have not been able to return to work.

I do hope the dog owner reads this letter and feels some remorse.


Fastnet Close