Utmost sympathy for correspondent

I HAVE the utmost sympathy for Sharon Marshall and the treatment her 10-year-old son received at the hands of motorists while cycling on the road recently (Gazette, May 11).

What the boy had to suffer is symptomatic of the heartless disregard for the interests of others continually prevalent in today’s society.

While I am adamant that cycling should not be considered for the promenades, I have long shared the view of the Sustains group that all vehicular - as opposed to pedestrian - routes should have specific allocation for cyclists.

However, in the history of moral entitlement, the granting of rights to one group at the expense of the rights of others has never proved a satisfactory solution.

If so, in this case of walkers, every footpath and pavement could be considered fair game for cyclists - as some of them regrettably now believe.

Edward Thomas

Collington Close