Use the Italian example to deal with seagulls

I agree seagulls have become a major problem, I’ve seen them take a sausage roll off the plate of an elderly lady, before she could pick it up (and it wasn’t to feed the chick) and the cafe owner couldn’t do a thing about it (it was in the centre of town).

This problem seems to be getting worse every year, we have to do something or our visitors will stop coming. It’s not nice getting attacked all the time. The answer is simple. In Italy, when they get over-run with birds, they distribute special pellets to stop them from breeding, it isn’t harmful, numbers decrease. If it was given every two to three years I’m sure the problem would be solved. The birds haven’t been culled, and with numbers falling they won’t be such a nuisance, then maybe we can live along with them like we used to years ago. Everybody is happy.


Aylesbury Avenue