Urge readers to attend meeting to protest proposed demolition of iconic Meads building


From: Dennis Scard

chair of Meads Community 

I am the Chair of the Meads Community Association representing some 500 households in Meads.

The Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 26th February has a specific report on the notification to demolish Kempston, a historic and architecturally important building in Granville Road Meads.

Regretfully planning officers are in acceptance of this proposal despite the fact that on two recent planning applications to demolish the house and replace with 16 apartments the Planning Committee members voted unanimously to reject the application.

The owners of Kempston, a property company situated in Birkenhead, have allowed this rental property to fall into disrepair and now being aware of the impending extension of the College Conservation Area have cynically taken the decision to demolish Kempston on the 14th March before the new College Conservation Area is in place.

There is currently a public consultation on the proposal backed by EBC to extend the current College Conservation Area which would include the area in which Kempston is located.

The review proposals go into detail about the need to preserve the unique buildings in this area of Meads and unfortunately the consultation ends on 28th March.

The MCA has sent a letter to the Planning Committee urging councillors to look in detail at possibilities to delay the issuing of a formal assent until the extension of the College Conservation Area is in place.

We urge all readers who wish to oppose the demolition of Kempston to attend the Planning Committee meeting at 6pm at the Eastbourne Town Hall on 26th February.