Urban fox issue needs discussing

I AM writing in answer to the part of Trevor Weeks’ article in the Gazette entitled ‘Humans cause more mayhem than foxes...’ in which he takes issue with Liz Gregory’s recent letter to the Herald about urban foxes.

In it she described the recent killing by a fox of my cat whose body we found in the back garden with his throat and tail savaged, the day after he went missing.

Although Trevor says foxes have lived around buildings and people for thousands of years it is true to say the numbers of urban foxes have greatly increased in recent years, no doubt due to many more food supplies from dustbins, people feeding them etc.

Trevor says foxes are not nocturnal, however when driving home late at night friends have told me they have often seen foxes in driveways, roads and pavements in Eastbourne.

He seems to doubt a fox had killed my cat and a dog may have been the culprit but there are no dogs to be seen roaming the roads in the area of Grange Road and Jevington Gardens late at night and early hours of the morning.

In the opinion of my vet who examined the cat’s dead body my cat was killed by a fox and therefore I agree with Trevor’s comment vets should raise the issue of foxes injuring pets.

Like many readers I was completely unaware of the danger to pets posed by foxes.

It is too late for me now, the savage killing of my pet of so many years has left me devastated but I hope these letters will raise awareness among other pet lovers of the need to be very vigilant about the dangers foxes can present to their pets.

I am very grateful to Liz for highlighting what happened to my cat and bringing the concerns felt about urban foxes to the attention of the public.

Sheila Frankel

Jevington Gardens