Upset, disgusted and angry at tree’s absence

I was extremely upset, disgusted and very angry to find that we would not have the Tree of Light in Hailsham this year.

To many of us it was a way of remembering our loved ones, especially at Christmas.

We lost our daughter over four years ago, and this was one of the additional places we could remember her.

I agree with Nick Ellwood that it is a waste of taxpayers’ money to have the tree rotting away, considering we have already paid for it.

As for the vandalism, what are the cameras for? Surely they are there to prevent this sort of thing and catch the perpetrators.

The Deputy Town Clerk said the feedback from the public in 2009 was for a traditional tree.

I do not remember any poll being done, and myself and my husband were certainly not asked.

Could not Tesco have been approached again this year?

After all the vast profits they have made they would not have missed the amount it would cost to keep the Tree of Light.

They are supposed to be there for the community. so far we have seen little of this.

Peter & Margaret Chapman, Hawkswood Drive, Hailsham.