Unsung pleasure along the coast

ONE OF the unsung success stories in Eastbourne this summer must surely be the open-top seafront bus service run by City Sightseeing.

Without much, if any, publicity, the service has been extended along a route of breathtaking beauty.

It now runs not merely from the Pier to Beachy Head but on to Birling Gap, East Dean then on a circular route via the A259 to Beachy Head Road, Duke’s Drive and the seafront back to the Pier. The round trip lasts exactly one hour.

However, since buses are timetabled every half an hour, the visitor and resident can take advantage of all points en route.

The stretch of coastline from Beachy Head to Birling Gap is clearly on a par with any coastal country view to be found in Dorset or Cornwall.

The Gap provides a useful stopping-off point before boarding the next bus for the glorious sweep of countryside towards East Dean and perhaps another stop at the sheep centre. A coffee or lunch break at the village green at East Dean gives rise to a further opportunity.

With so much misery-guts writing of late in these columns about Eastbourne’s seafront, it would seem that some residents do not know how lucky they are nor appreciate the environmental beauty that is all around them.

We are told to expect an Indian summer. If it happens, make the most of it and the seafront service; it accepts bus passes and continues until the first week of November.

Edward Thomas

Collington Close