University education privilege many envy

UNIVERSITY students please take note. You are enjoying a privilege many people envy, both here and overseas.

I was told I had the aptitude to attend a university but when I told my parents of this they told me to dismiss the idea.

They had left school at the age of 14 and were not happy I had to stay on at the grammar school I attended until I was 16.

The idea that I would have to carry on until I was 18, and then still pursue my education until I was possibly 21 was just not on their agenda.

There just were no financial resources to make this possible.

So on the day after my 16th birthday I started work in the local public library.

From then on I studied at my own cost in my own time to gain the qualifications of a chartered librarian.

I never looked back, I had job satisfaction all of my working life and retired holding the position of assistant librarian at a university.

The students at the university where I worked were all entitled to a full grant and did little work until their final year.

The overseas students worked diligently all of the time.

A new library was built and the students defaced and vandalised the furnishings, equipment and books.

My illusions about university students were totally shattered.

The privileges which they enjoyed were abused and treated with contempt.

Perhaps the introduction of tuition fees will result in students working hard all of the time.

If students dislike the fact that they should work hard, I would suggest they join our courageous men and women in Afghanistan.

I do believe that if National Service was restored there would be no riots of the nature we have just witnessed.

To attack Churchill’s statue, the Cenotaph flag, and the heir to the throne, reveals an ignorance which one would associate with the uneducated. What a very sad situation the world has witnessed.

Mrs J Hoban

Lindfield Road