Under attack from aliens?

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HAS anybody noticed our town is under attack by aliens?

No matter where you go they have caused enormous holes to appear in our streets and these are not potholes.

Oh no, these are ugly unattended holes with huge red barriers surrounding them and there is never any trace of these aliens.

I joke of course. They are caused by Southern Gas Networks and there they are, almost any place in town. They dig holes, leave them unattended for days, work on them for a day or so, fill them in, disappear, then come back and dig the same hole up again.

In Commercial Road this process has been going on for months and the wind blows the barriers and signs and the dirt everywhere. It’s just not on.

Just have a drive around and everywhere you go it’s the same. Come on Southern Gas Networks, get your act together, and get on with the job and free our lovely town of these eyesores as quickly as possible

Sandra Elkin

St Leonards Road