UKIP defection is not assisting Labour

Mr Harris’s comment that Mr Lacey, an ex-Conservative joining the UK Independence Party is assisting the Labour Party back into office in 2015, presupposes that most people are happy with the Conservative government.

The number of ex-Conservatives now joining us take the view that having seen the present government in action have no wish to see its life continue any longer. Unlimited immigration from Europe is putting pressure on our hospitals, schools and housing.

The Conservatives are committed to the European target of at least 20 per cent of our energy being produced by renewables by 2020. This means hundreds more wind turbines blighting our countryside and increased fuel bills. W

e are net contributor of £53 million a day to the EU. Of course Mr Harris may feel that a Labour government would be worse.

Let me reassure him, as at least 75 per cent of our laws are now created by the European Commission , plus a host of new regulations every year. We are no longer an independent nation making our own laws. That is why 26 per cent of Eastbourne’s electorate voted for the UK Independence Party in the recent council elections.

We are the only party wishing to withdraw from the European Union.



Eastbourne UKIP.