Two issues regarding lifeguards on Eastbourne beach

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What seems to have been missed regarding the issue appertaining to lifeguards is twofold.

The poster warning paddlers/swimmers to take care are fine and well-meaning but unlike lifeguards they are not equipped with ANY sensory capability seeing or hearing anyone in difficulties in the sea who may need immediate help.

Another key reason for regular lifeguard patrols on Eastbourne’s busy beaches are the ever fluctuating shingle depressions, which are unseen when the tide is in those hollows vary to the point paddlers could drop under water. One only need stroll along the promenade when the tide is out to evaluate those dangerous shingle hollows.

The groynes, albeit a necessary requirement, are also a hazard.

I have nothing against The New Tower’s endeavours to acquire a lottery grant for £350,000, yet the gallery’s promotions attract minuscule number’s compared to the masses who visit our beaches during the summer months, therefore does not the local authority think there is a far bigger need to approach the lottery headhunters for a grant for the regular employment of life guards as opposed to the lesser requirements for an art gallery?

Jimmy Craw

St Mary’s Court, Old Town