Twenty five years since the Great Storm

I HOPE readers can help me?

I am currently researching the 1987 great storm and its impact on Eastbourne and neighbouring communities, notably Polegate.

The reason for my interest is my wife and I were married in Eastbourne on October 17, 1987 and are preparing for our Silver Wedding celebrations.

My wife was married from her parents’ home in Polegate and still remembers with horror the night of 15/16.

Indeed, no-one who attended either the service at Our Lady Of Ransom or our reception at the Queens Hotel will ever forget the drama preceding the event, or their journeys from all over the country to get to the church on time - most made it, somehow!

I am particularly looking for images of the aftermath of the storm and how it affected the Grand/Marine Parade, Grange Road and also the Queen’s Hotel, which I understand was closed for some months afterwards.

We now live in the North West and are rarely in the area. My wife’s parents have sadly passed away and we have no current contacts in the area. Any help would be gratefully received.


Manley Road, Frodsham