TV switch over a costly affair

ARE YOU ready for the switch over?

We have all been told that this is simple and cheap so as the switch over is June 2012 I thought I would contact an aerial dealer for details.

He looked at my aerial wire (not the aerial in my loft, which is huge) and said I would need a new aerial as mind was old and quoted me £180.

For this price I would get a new aerial but would still only be able to pick up the four channels (BBC 1 and 2, ITV and Channel 4) and even after the switch over I would still only be able to pick up the four channels.

I thought at least I would be able to get Channel 5 but apparently not, you need a digital box if you want more channels.

How many pensioners aged between 60 and 75 can afford £180 for a new aerial?

So what are they going to do next June - heat their homes, buy food or pay £180 for a new television aerial? I think the switch over is a rip off.

Mrs C Scotcher

Percival Road