Turbines blot on the landscape

I AM sure most members of the public are unaware of the blot on the landscape the proposed wind turbines near Polegate/Stone Cross will be.

They will be 56 metres higher than the current lightweight tower, which is at present on the site measuring the wind speed.

The developers have stated that the scheme will be visible from a large part of the surrounding area including the South Downs National Park and the North Weald Area of Natural Beauty.

The turbines will also be a distraction to drivers on the Polegate bypass and will not add to the local economy.

They will, in fact, be manufactured in Germany at a cost of £10 million (subsidised by you and me) and give the developer an income of £1 million per year (subsidised by you and me).

Coincidentally, a recent report from the German government-backed energy agency stated that almost the same cuts in carbon dioxide emissions - at nothing like the cost of wind power - can be achieved by installing modern filters at existing fossil fuel power plants. Germany has more than 15,000 turbines and has the most wind farms in the world.

Every passing day the evidence mounts that these wind farms are grossly expensive and inefficient white elephants.

It is time we taxpayers were relieved of the burden to fund these projects on the spurious assumption the UK’s contribution in the global scheme of things will make a blind bit of difference.

Alf Lovell

Dallaway Drive, Stone Cross