Trying to retain the use of playing fields

WE WOULD like to correct Mr Andrew Lower’s perception that Hindsland playing fields, which are incidentally in Willingdon (not Polegate), were gifted by Polegate Town Council to the University of Brighton.

The playing fields were originally purchased in 1938 by Eastbourne Borough Council and subsequently transferred to East Sussex County Council in 1974.

Until 1989 these playing fields were maintained by the county council and thus paid for by the ratepayers of the area.

They were subsequently given to the University of Brighton who are now trying to sell the land for building.

Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council has been trying to retain these playing fields since 1995 when the University first announced its intention to sell them as surplus to requirements.

We are still trying to save them today and every resident in Willingdon needs to respond to Wealden District Council’s latest proposals for Hindsland and Mornings Mill Farm, whose options make interesting reading including Option 1 which includes an ‘Employment location’ for the front of Hindsland playing fields, which in anyone else’s language is probably a business/industrial park!

How much more traffic will this bring on to the already crowded A2270!!


Willingdon and Jevington parish councillors,

Oldfield Road

Lower Willingdon