True quality at tennis event

I AM an avid supporter of Eastbourne’s tennis week. It is a truly quality event that shows off the town at what it does best in tourism.

It brings in thousands of staying visitors with much- needed spending power to our precious town.

I am also aware of the need to keep revitalising the tournament to encourage it to grow. The new advertising flags all over town I personally think are great. Hope they are worth the money. Not sure how many more seats they will sell but they add a bit of flair.

However, the white shipping container advertising the event, last seen outside the hospital, that keeps being moved around the town is nothing sort of an abomination and totally undermines the quality of the tennis event.

In an attempt to flout planning controls, someone has spoilt the whole concept of a quality event.

It should be removed immediately.

Councillor David Elkin Eastbourne Town Hall