True English patriot will be sadly missed

I WAS pleased to read the deserved tributes to Eastbourne stalwart, the late Antonia Beckett (Herald, December 31) and would like to add a personal reminiscence.

My wife and I gave Antonia a lift to a CPRE meeting in Chichester 15 years ago and became firm friends thereafter.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England was a cause dear to Antonia’s heart.

Another great enthusiasm of hers was politics: year after year till very recently - at 90 years of age - she laid on summer fetes at her home in aid of the local Conservatives.

This did not, however, prevent her giving generous support to UKIP, even on occasion signing the nomination papers for their candidate, much to the annoyance of the local MP!

She did this because she was an English patriot and hated to see the three main parties colluding in letting Brussels dominate Westminster, with the EU now responsible for 70-80 per cent of UK legislation.

Antonia will be greatly missed.

Andrew Dakyns

Holywell Close, Eastbourne