Trees have such unique qualities

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I READ in your pages of yet another instance of vandalism to our street trees.

To me a tree is a living thing, usually beautiful, sometimes impressive, and which, more often than not, outlives its planter.

It harms no-one and is a permanent link with the past in all its ages.

Somehow we must try to educate our youngsters of a tree’s qualities so that they can recognise their unique qualities and appreciate them so that in time they can become planters themselves.

Our town used to be named ‘leafy Eastbourne’ for good reason. It still is leafy and green thanks to the policies of our officers at the Town Hall and those in Parks and Gardens who plant and maintain them.

If it distresses me, it must be positively dispiriting to those whose jobs are linked to planting, maintaining and pruning our trees at such disgraceful and wilful damage - usually carried out thoughtlessly and on the spur of the moment rather than thorough contrived maliciousness I believe.

I am sure they wouldn’t do it if they realised a tree was a living, vibrant thing such as a pet dog or cat - or perhaps they would.

David Stevens

Granville Road