Treated with such scant regard

AS AN Eastbourne constituent I was naturally disappointed that after lobbying my local MP to vote to give the public a chance to express their wishes on the European question he failed to do so.

However I was disgusted to receive a reply that accused me and the hundred thousand petitioners for a referendum of being ‘highly irresponsible to create such a side-show’.

Being one of the main e-petition topics for discussion by parliament and bearing in mind opinion polls showing a large majority of the general public wishing to have the opportunity to express their views, whatever they may be, I believe for a constituency MP to suggest the topic is ‘a side show’ brings into question his competence and fitness to represent the views of his constituents.

To use as an excuse that now was not the time to discuss the matter, no doubt copied from the failing Prime Minister’s lame excuse and galvanised by his own party’s three line whip, he seems not to understand such a referendum if agreed would not have been possible until 2013/14 by which time the financial position would be clearer one way or another – we had sunk or swum to calmer waters.

Additionally if the public voted for a referendum it may have concentrated the minds of other EU leaders.

Does Mr Lloyd really believe that a government can only concentrate on a single subject at a time?

Perhaps he is also unaware there is a body of opinion that would suggest the savings in the huge costs, restrictions and wastages from Europe would be of benefit in future difficult times.

We will all keep in mind the voting record of MPs when the next election comes around.

Our memories are not as short as some politicians seem to believe - particularly when we are treated with such scant regard.


Long Beach View