‘Treat anti-social behaviour more seriously’

I was dismayed to see three major stores inaccessible due to fire damage. I suppose it was only a matter of time before there was a serious fire.

There was St Andrew’s Hall then a couple of motorbikes torched behind the Treatment Plant and the odd rubbish bin along the promenade.

Why do we tolerate this? Groups congregate behind Boots and other stores regularly.

Quantities of alcohol is consumed and their empties and rubbish is discarded along Atlantic Drive.

It is obviously ‘fun’ to smash bottles against walls regardless of the proximity of an Infants school.

They know there is little likelihood of a police presence. Anti social behaviour is just that: anti people being able to shop or collect medicines in this case. It should be treated far more seriously than ‘minor crime’ and insurance companies should offer rewards for information instead of just ‘upping’ the premiums.

D Seagard, Barrier Reef Way