Travelling to London a pain

I HAVE only lived in Eastbourne for the past year and every now and then I have to go to the office in London, which I have to say is a real pain considering it takes 1hr 36min just to go to London and then I have to get the tube.

I find it hard to understand why this campaign wasn’t started a long time ago (apologies if it has).

If the Arndale shopping centre does actually get the extension that has been promised then surely the only way to try and attract people down to Eastbourne for the weekend and to do some shopping is to provide a decent rail service.

That’s why Brighton is always packed on sunny days because people can get there from London in around an hour. It can only be for the good of the town and the people as a whole if everyone gets behind this campaign.

It would bring more money into the town because people could still work in London and get there fairly quickly.

As we all know Eastbourne is a far lot cheaper place to live than Brighton which is one of the reasons that I moved here in the first place.


South Street