Train guards are essential

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Call the newsdesk on 01323 414488 or email SUS-180130-143238001

From: Robert F Cooper

Midhurst Road

Re: Southern rail strike. I read the article in the Herald in great depth, as I have not used the railway since this dispute started.

I am disabled and use a mobility scooter to ease my ability to get around, but cannot use the train at present, as I do not know if a service is running or if a guard is present to put out the ramp so I can board a train with my scooter.

It is essential that the guard be retained on all trains to help disabled people and to maintain a safe environment for all passengers.

Southern rail state on their website: ‘We are committed to working towards providing more accessible rail travel’.

The Government should have a meeting, which involves GTR, all railway unions and Network Rail to agree on common grounds what is the very best solution.

But also I believe the government should terminate the GTR franchise early and a new operator be appointed.

To make the situation even greater we have had a major redevelopment of main line stations and upgrades of railway track, which has caused huge problems for the travelling public. I am grateful I do not need to use the railway for travelling to work.