Train fares are far too high

I HAVE written to a Minister of Transport to express disgust about rail transport and asked him, how he could, not only as a member of the present Government, but even as a Minister of Transport, agree to and support the high rail fares demanded by England’s privatised railway companies.

As an engineer I am well acquainted with efficiencies of various transport systems and know, therefore, rail transport is far superior to road transport in terms that really matter - that is energy efficiency.

I do not use the trains because fares are outrageously high and out of all proportions to service rendered. As a pensioner I cannot afford them.

Ministers ought to have the courage to take drastic steps, like directing railway companies to accept a price-fixing scheme - for example a reduction of the annual commuter fare Brighton-London from several thousand to only £1,000, as it was only a few years ago. Naturally, Southern Rail and South-Eastern Rail will protest and probably go out of business (might be a good thing!).

We need is a full integration of all railway lines under general national management.

The greatest mistake any government (the Conservative) ever made relative to the railway system was to privatise and splitting it up.

The greatest mistake Blair’s ‘New Labour’ made, was not to re-nationalise it. Re-nationalisation ought to be done now, regardless of costs. A railway system must be a service and not a profit centre - the latter having to support parasitic shareholders!

Re-Nationalise all railways of England (Scotland and Wales will find their own solutions), and realistic fares can be obtained again, as shown by European railways, which remained in public ownership!

Gerhard Both

Newick Close, Seaford