Tragic warning over tinnitus

IN THE wake of the tragic suicide of a father of two suffering from tinnitus, I write to urge readers who may also have this condition not to give up hope.

They are not alone and charities like Deafness Research UK are always available to offer help and support.

Robert McIndoe’s death is not the first suicide in connection with tinnitus and we are determined not to give up on those living with the hell created by the symptoms.

We are continuing to fund research into better treatments, with the ultimate aim of a cure.

We have a number of free information leaflets available for sufferers and our national helpline is there to provide additional support for those who need us.

We urge people not to suffer in silence, but get in touch. In many cases, we can help.

Our new leaflet ‘Managing Tinnitus’ is free of charge to sufferers and people can get the leaflet direct from our website at, by emailing or by calling our freephone helpline on 0800 808 2222.


Chief Executive

Deafness Research UK