Traffic calming is nonsensical

I AM in my house, situated in the middle of Ramsay Way, watching the stupidity perhaps even madness being carried out on the road in the name of traffic calming.

The cost must be very great, but for what returns?

The slowing down of traffic for the further safety of pedestrians a very noble and responsible intention.

But having lived in Ramsay Way for some 20 years we know there has never been more than a slight delay in people wanting to cross the road. Any delay there has been is mainly through traffic going too fast!

So we have this colossal cost and in fact the ruination of a very attractive road because of traffic going at whatever speed the drivers feel like doing.

Never mind the 30mph speed limit.

The very work that is going on in Ramsay Way was done in Sevenoaks Road many years ago.

All the things installed there have subsequently been removed and the road has been restored to its original condition. Surely this must be known by the authorities?

All that will be required when our ‘Way’ is restored in the future is for the police to do what they are expected to do in the course of their work. That is control the speed of traffic.


Ramsay Way