Towns have so little in common

SEAFORD has a long proud tradition with politics. It may have been an original ‘rotten borough’, with representation in its own right until 1832. During this time Seaford had several Members of Parliament who became Prime Ministers, including Henry Pelham, William Pitt the Elder and George Canning.

Today we are very well represented in the Lewes Constituency by Norman Baker MP, transport minister in the coalition government. Norman has campaigned well for Seaford issues.

Seaford is the largest town in the Lewes district/constituency, with a population more than 24,000.

We don’t always sit easily with Lewes as the county town, but have a healthy relationship and very good links, socially and politically.

Seaford is a coastal town and neighbouring Newhaven and Peacehaven, also coastal towns are in the current constituency.

There is a good train link to Lewes from Seaford, which takes 10-15 minutes and a good bus service to Newhaven and Peacehaven.

The Boundary Commission wants to reduce the number of Constituencies and make them have a similar number of voters but why put Seaford with Uckfield?

To add insult to injury the town of Uckfield with a population of just over 13,800 is to be the name of the new constituency! I have nothing against the people or Uckfield town but I have to ask - what do we have in common?

We have a different district council, we are in Lewes, they are in Wealden. We are a coastal community, they are a rural community. We do not have a direct public transport link with them, except if one is to travel via Lewes, by either bus or train.

To get by train one would have to travel to East Croydon and change trains to get to Uckfield, a journey of more than two hours!

Uckfield does have its benefits a great local cinema, vibrant high street and a great pizza place.

As I don’t drive, when I do have to work/enjoy leisure time in the area it is a very costly taxi fare, but I could not do this too frequently.

I don’t know what Uckfield, Lewes and other Seaford residents feel about the proposed changes? If you feel like I do for similar or for different reasons voice your opinions at

The consultation closes on December 5. Have your say!


Alfriston Road, Seaford