Town won’t nose-dive off the cliff..

Having been a resident in Eastbourne all of my life I have seen many events come and go – Eastbourne Carnival, Eastbourne Horse Show and not to mention the infamous Bird Man Competition!

All of these highly established events have been stopped – the question is why, and what has been introduced to compensate for the momentous loss of such popular events?

Eastbourne Borough Council has introduced a Cycling Festival which was very poorly attended – see the picture, above.

Maybe it would be a better use of tax-payers’ money if this event were to be amalgamated with Eastbourne Extreme, making such an event appeal to a wider audience and to have one successful event on a larger scale.

Then we have Eastbourne Fiesta, in principle a wonderful idea, which I am sure will flourish in time.

I have to say, as a supporter of the event, I was disappointed to say the least with the turn out to the weekend. The question is why? The weather can only have had so much to do with it!

We have an amazingly vibrant tourist scene in Eastbourne.

Just look at the amazing new flags which have brightened up our town centre. The AEGON tennis tournament is due to start shortly.

I for one am keen to see how things go this year and will be keeping a very close eye. Things are beginning to move in the right direction but we do need to be making sure that we move forwards and not slip back into old habits.

Eastbourne is on a cliff edge and I am adamant it will not take a nose dive, but continue to prosper for all of the residents of Eastbourne.

Maybe we could even bring back some of the old classics like the Eastbourne Carnival. How amazing would that be?

Councillor Tom Liddiard

Shadow Cabinet Member for Tourism Upperton