Town does not depend on its language students to survive

HMMMM! “Arise Sir Jurgen Matthes!” I feel Annemarie Field makes an extravagant claim in her column last week.

If one of the numerous language travel operators in the town disappeared tomorrow, Eastbourne wouldn’t grind to a miserable halt.

I once asked a German boy at the end of his stay, “Are you going to come back again next year?”

“No,” he replied, “We are a large family, and it cost my parents a lot of money to send me here.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to house and entertain the kids while they are here.

Unfortunately, the Eastbourne property portfolio invested in by JM as landlord is not let on the same hospitable rates to local tenant businesses.

If making a profit is meritorious, then let’s all slap ourselves on the back and get an honour at the town hall.

One German Eastbourne can take a pride in is Agnes Zimmermann. She used her wealth generously to help the Catholic Church.

She gave the money to build the Seaside church which opened in 1907, which is why it is dedicated to St. Agnes.


Upperton Gardens.