Town deserves bonfire celebration

I AM writing to support my colleague Ralph Taylor whose letter in the last edition of the Gazette did so much to counteract the sheer negativity of Mr Thomas and others, who have recently been repeatedly writing to the Gazette complaining about the ‘inactivity’ of Seaford Town Council.

To cite a very recent example, the Seaford Gazette carried a full report of a meeting held last month by a group of people interested in reviving the Seaford Bonfire Society, an organisation that faded into oblivion in the 1980s, by coincidence exactly the same period of time that Seaford did not have a town council.

At this meeting both I, as a member of the council, and Ben King, as a council officer, were present, and took a full part in the discussions, using our knowledge of council procedures and other factors which would have to be borne in mind if the Bonfire Society is to be relaunched, as I hope it will.

In particular the question of where any bonfire celebration in Seaford would be situated needs to be addressed.

The old Bonfire Society used the Martello Fields in the 1980s, but I personally feel this location is now unsuitable due to the proximity of housing, including Corsica Hall, which was not a factor 30 years ago.

There is also the question of the route any street march (in the pattern of Lewes) would take around the town.

I personally look forward to the next meeting on December 9 where a committee will, I hope, be formed; my earnest wish is that Seaford can organise a celebration which I believe a town of nearly 25,000 residents deserves.

Bob Brown

Ringmer Road