Town centre traffic disruption

ON COMING back from holiday after a few weeks I today found Eastbourne town centre looking like a bomb had hit it.

Nine weeks of disruption with traffic and buses being diverted, not encouraging for people to come and shop.

My question is, is this work that important that a town centre in a recession has to be so disrupted?

It seems that everywhere in the area of Eastbourne has roadworks of one kind and another. We do in East Sussex like digging holes.

I have to say as one of those trying to leave the car behind and use public transport I’m finding it difficult.

Since the new timetable a bus from Hailsham to Eastbourne took nearly an hour, previous it took 35 minutes. Perhaps Stagecoach buses taking over from Eastbourne buses has not been a great success.

The one bus service that is remarkable but not run by Stagecoach is the No 12 to Brighton.

I do not know how they do it but I wish they would take over all the buses and we might then get one that ran on time and was not constantly being changed.

There is an old rule - if it is not broken don’t try to fix it.

Alan Cooper

Bakers Farm Park

Upper Horsebridge