Town becoming a ‘mania magnet’

Is Eastbourne now a mania magnet?

I refer to Richard Morris’ article ‘Tourism up for town, says holiday study’ (Eastbourne Herald, August 26).

Whilst certain interested parties may be pleased by the increased revenue the hike in tourism is bringing to the town, the inconvenience, or even danger, to residents as a result of this growth industry are consistently overlooked.

Admittedly most visitors are pleasant, well-behaved and blend in with the local population.

However, the town’s growth in popularity has also widened an increasingly significant minority of those perpetrating conveyance chaos on all manor of bikes, skates, skateboards etc, not to mention drunken or dangerous driving or generally disruptive conduct.

Add to this an equally significant minority of indigenous perpetrators of similarly antisocial practices and it is no wonder Eastbourne is no longer the pleasant resort it was.

Promenade events once confined to specific areas to attract genuine aficionados are now stretched well beyond these limits, interfering with the nights of traditional leisurely promenaders.

Consequently, I am now looking to move away from the town that was so welcoming when my late parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Grand Hotel 20 years ago, which, although then in need of some modernisation, could never have been envisaged as the Mania Magnet it has become.

M. Selby

Burlington Place