Total confusion on parking rules

JUST read your recent article concerning flouting of the parking regulations and the now total confusion that still pervades the whole scenario of residents parking in the town centre.

I must admit I am one of those parking in a loading bay at 7pm outside Brewers in Ashford Road where I live and have done so without problems since the parking scheme started.

But then I suddenly received the dreaded bagged ticket timed at 7.29pm.Total disbelief the following morning – who uses a loading bay at night for unloading?

There are no shops to receive goods at that time of day so what harm am I doing?

It also seems loading bays are not the same, the one in Cavendish Place has different restrictions and you can park there.

Why? Why are they not all the same in the same area?

Parking wardens are, in my opinion, a complete waste of space and cannot tell the differences between one bay and another

Two Saturdays ago my wife visited the parking office in the town centre where she had a conversation with a helpful man who said that if an ordinary parking bay has a ticket meter by it and on that machine it says ‘charges apply 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, then you can park there in that bay outside of those hours.

But from reading your article this is not the case.

It seems your article now conflicts with the advice given by the parking office.

What is the truth? Is it some really deep secret to keep us all guessing?

I’m almost willing to give up living in Eastbourne after 25 years.

Mike Stasiw

Ashford Road