Tory councillors did vote for the skatepark

THERE’S nothing like a planted letter for encouragement – you know that you must be making a difference.

Mr Oldham’s letter, ‘Thanks for this Lib-Dem budget’, March 9, is perhaps a case in point.

Mr Oldham takes objection to a Conservative leaflet featuring the skate park at Cross Levels Way, and rejects the part we played in securing the funds.

Let’s look at the facts – there was no council funding before the Conservative motion to full council, “to re-establish” this long-missed facility; after the Motion, there was.

Mr Oldham says Conservative councillors did not vote for skatepark funding. Yes they did!

It is clearly included in the Conservative budget so I’m afraid you’re being rather mischievous with how you frame information.

“I received this leaflet before the money was approved.” No you didn’t!

By a happy coincidence, I myself delivered to your very door.

If indeed you lived in Lakelands Close, you would have received this leaflet on Friday February 24 between the hours of 3.30 and 4pm – two days after the full council meeting, 16 days after the Cabinet decision and 15 days after Lib Dem skate park literature went into circulation.

Are you really writing from Lakelands Close or from the basement of the Lib Dem office, I playfully ask?

We don’t need to engage in a merry war of words.

What is important here is that we are going to get back a great facility – years on, but in the right place.

But, does it matter that the general public has a fuller and more honest account of how things have been achieved?

Yes, I think it does a bit!

CAROLINE ANSELL, Baldwin Avenue.